Who We Are

Procurio General Trading LLC distributes glassware, crockery, cutlery and holloware, kitchen equipment

Established in 1979 in Dubai, Procurio got the first opportunity to establish its credential with Hotel Royal Abjar. By 1999, we had signed an exclusivity agreement with leading manufacturers of Hospitality Items around the world. Soon, Procurio extended its network beyond the border of Dubai by winning hotel projects in GCC countries and India.

This has set a Precedent for further landmark and expansion, and the Procurio journey towards success continues…


Company Background

Procurio, is a company that has over decade of experience dedication and trusted
loyalty supplying Resorts, Hotel, Restaurant, of their operating supplies and
equipment known as (OS&E).


Good quality end-products to cater for various kinds of food & drink service, we
shall position ourselves as a quality suppliers that strives to provide fulfillment,
satisfactory, reliability and a good image.

Mission and Vision

Procurio intends to create a satisfactory through the provision of good quality
business models, intend to provide the best possible value to our customers who
care about quality.

Top Hotel Client List