Special Editions

Special Editions®

Our Special Editions® line features a unique combination of visco-elastic memory foam and high quality zone pocket spring system to provide chiropractic support, ideal ventilation, and excellent temperature sensitivity.

It boasts our very own stresszero® technology designed to automatically adjust to your body contour and temperature and cradle every part of your body with a perfect management of weight.

This technology is designed around the body’s five zones – head, shoulders, waist, hips and thighs – to optimize support for your entire body by eliminating pressures, relaxing the muscles, and keeping the spine in its natural alignment.

Our stresszero® mattresses care for the wellbeing of your musculoskeletal system, caring as such for your nervous system and your general health.

From the first night, the sleeper will realize his/her bed is worth every cent.

3 Stars Special Editions

Introductory Special Edition design combining barrel shaped, pocketed spring technology, quality cushioning material with Zerostress® relief layer.

Framed in our exclusive Edge Firm® technology. Covered with thick cotton textile treated for acaria & anti fungus.
Blissful sleep is most definitely a guarantee.

4 Stars Special Editions

An exquisite combination of zoned pocket spring, natural healthy cotton & other high quality cushioning material. Topped with a layer of Zerostress® to care for each curve of your body.

5 Stars Special Editions

One sided splendor designed to explore every inch of your body’s curves. A creative achievement making use of a combination of elaborate quantities of sophisticated & top quality technical element, such as multizone pocket spring, Zerostress® memory foam, hyper soft cushioning elements in a structure of Edge Firm® technology.

All wrapped in Aloe Vera toned high quality knitted stretch covering. This mattress makes the word comfortable highly insufficient.