Robbe & Berking is among the world’s leading manufacturers for Sterling silver and silver-plated flatware and table accessories. We are proud to say that all our silver and silver-plated products are still made in Flensburg, Germany.

Founded in 1874, this family-owned company continues to encourage traditional skills and enjoys a reputation for producing classical and contemporary flatware of outstanding high quality, “Handmade in Germany”.

Along with the aforesaid goes an extremely short delivery time. We keep extensive stocks of our items and we therefore can ship orders almost immediately. In order to give customers the possibility to reorder items at any time we guarantee an availability of cutlery patterns until 2040.

All these benefits have been rewarded by more and more prestigious clients who have fitted out their premises during the last years. Robbe & Berking silver can for instance be found in luxurious hotels like the “4 Seasons” in Germany, the ”Principe di Savoia” in Italy, the “Taj Mahal” in India, the “Claridges” in London as well as several “Kempinski” or “Ritz-Carlton” hotels and many more like the restaurant “The Modern” at the museum of modern art in New York. This can be complemented by the Altantis, The Address or the Shangri-la in Dubai just to name a few.

Accordingly, Robbe & Berking is also the first choice for presidential and governmental purposes around the world. The Aga Khan, the Kremlin, the Sultan of Brunei, HH Sheik Mohammed, the King of Malaysia, Germany´s official guest house all of them and many more use Robbe & Berking silver.

The uniqueness of Robbe & Berking can also be seen in the fact that more than half of the 200 largest privately owned yachts in the world are equipped with our silver products.

However, the best recommendation for Robbe & Berking products is the product itself. In order to reach this international recognition, Robbe & Berking had to be very determined to encourage traditional skills and quality thinking, and therefore the best design is combined with the highest quality possible.

 Product Range

The Robbe & Berking product range contains nearly everything to satisfy today’s high end table top requirements of silver products. Starting with the silver plated and sterling silver cutlery collection which offers about 60 different items for every single of our 21 design it is complemented by tableware such as silver candelabras, pots, jugs, trays and plates as well as a variety of accessories for every culinary occasion. Not to forget, we also offer a very individual jewelry collection in pure gold or silver.


Robbe & Berking silver is used on a daily basis by most customers. Therefore, it is suitable for dishwashers without exclusion. Obviously, we also offer the right caring products just in case you want to give your silver a blemish free sheen after some years again. Alternatively, we would also be happy to refurbish it for you, should it have had tough times.

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