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Arnstadt Kristall GmbH is a producer of fine lead crystal and since its foundation in 1947 the company has stood for exceptional glass artistry. The products are distributed worldwide under the “ARNSTADT” brand.

The family business was founded in 1947 by the master engraver Heinrich Arlt as a glass refinement enterprise, based on hundreds of years of artistic, bohemian glass cutting experience. As the years went by, the company specialized itself as an international supplier of exclusive and intricately finished lead crystal products.

Today, the family owned company has existed for 4 generations, in doing so proving that it is a modern and competitive enterprise, synthesizing the precise workmanship of the glass artists with the application of modern manufacturing technology, to produce spellbinding lead crystal of the highest quality. The resultant unique lead crystal with spectacular designs and exceptional quality, is produced using time consuming refinement techniques such as cutting, engraving and matting, which gives Arnstadt lead crystal it’s distinct vibrancy and brilliance. Fine often hardly noticeable differences between the glasses are a sign that they have been handmade.

Arnstadt crystal is highly regarded by experts and collectors all over the world. Glass enthusiasts can find products and collections in over 50 countries.

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